Recreatiepark De Heimolen is situated on 14 acres of forest and is located in a wooded area with many bird species and squirrels.

From the park you can make the crossing into the forest for a nice walk when you do this in the morning hours or at dusk, chances are you encounter deer. You can easily connect from the park park to one of the many bicycle routes that you bring along the beautiful nature routes that the area has to offer.

`A whole new bicycle network has been set up in the Southeast Brabant region. More than 100 additional nodes have been added and some 370 bicycle panels have been replaced with a current map. Thanks to the new panels, cyclists can cycle through the Brabant countryside with more pleasure. In the new panels there is the possibility for beacon technology: an innovation with route app that ensures that cyclists can receive up-to-date environmental information. This quality impulse has been made possible by the Province of Noord-Brabant.

Less than a kilometer from the park, the town of Baarle Nassau is a cozy town with a unique enclave situation

Where do you find this? 22 pieces of Belgium in the Netherlands and 8 pieces of Netherlands in Belgium?
Indeed in the twin village of Baarle Hertog (Belgium) and Baarle Nassau (Netherlands) .. The territory of both municipalities, especially in the core of Baarle, is mixed up.
There are 22 enclaves of Baarle-Hertog in Baarle-Nassau and 8 exclaves of Baarle-Nassau in Baarle-Hertog.
A number of these Dutch enclaves are once again enclaves within the Belgian enclaves in the Netherlands.
Due to the unique construction of 2 countries in 1 village, the shops are open on Sundays as well.Mede because the stores in Belgium are allowed to be open on Sunday.
Baarle-Nassau used to have two stations that were part of the "Bels line." One in the village itself and one near the hamlet Baarle-Nassau Border.